Saturday, December 1, 2012

How to Deodex Galaxy young

Bored with Costum ROM?
Want to go back to stock ROM but want to still look cool without the launcher?
Want to install the theme but can not because there is deodex??
want to make Arabic disconnected in bailer but also because it can not yet deodex??
Calm down in this article show tutorial how to make a deodexed ..
just follow step you'll love these ..

- HH should really fresh, have not installed anything except root
- PC installed java (if necessary)

1. Download xUltimate 2.3.3 here -> -> extract in one folder

2. Phone must to be connected on PC (do not forget active usb debugging)

3. Open the folder that already diextract in step 1 -> double click Main.exe

4. Type 1> ENTER (suck out the contents of system folders to pc), so the green screen press any key


5. Type 2> ENTER (suck the contents of the folder to pc framework mm), so the green screen press any key


6. Type 6 (optional)> ENTER (backup straw yield point 4 and 5), type 3 (backup all)> ENTER, the screen is so green press any key.

7. Open the folder "origi_app" pilihh all applications that do not exist. Odexnya .. aka the lone charge. Apk .. select all that. Apk without ODEX continues COPY and PASTE the folder anywhere (backup first)

8. same as step 7, but now the folder is "origi_frame" COPY and PASTE into the folder we call it "FRAME"

9. Open the folder "origi_app" continue to find the same email.apk email.odex, delete both.

10. Main.exe reopened earlier, type 3> ENTER (deodex files in folder "origi_app"), wait until the screen becomes green, a sign of a successful deodex.

[if error. Search. ODEX which one makes an error. Continue, delete. ODEX from folder to folder xUltimate origi_app. Similarly, the step no 11]

11. Type 4> ENTER (deodex files in folder "origi_frame"), wait until the screen becomes green, a sign of a successful deodex

ON STAGE # 10 and 11, the process will be LONG, prepare food and drinks taste while waiting ..

12. Open the folder "done_app" copy all the contents and then paste it into the folder APP (at point 7) and a folder "done_frame" also copy all the folders put FRAME

13. Enter file2 already on deodex (the contents of the folder "APP" and "FRAME" from point to 7) to scoop , can use via CWM or can also use ADB PUSH





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